norwegian cruise line freestyle cruising
Welcome to Freestyle
Cruising where you're
officially off the clock from
the moment you board.
There are no rules to
follow and no schedules to
keep. You never have to
eat in the same restaurant
twice. There is that kind of
freedom throughout the
ship with a ton of fun
things to do, or not do.
Looking for a time out
from demanding
schedules? With NCL’s
Freestyle Cruising®, you
can leave your schedule
behind. Just come aboard
and relax. NCL has no
fixed dining times, no
assigned seating and up to
13 places to eat – 14 if
you count the romantic
seclusion of your
stateroom. And our
“resort casual” dress code
gives you the freedom to
dress up or down,
depending on your mood.
Eat, relax, play and
remember, it’s NCL. Where
you’re free to whatever.
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