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Spirit and Adventure
By Sally S. Stich, Time
Faith-based travel is booming, but today's pilgrims are looking for more than a tour of churches. They seek
religious insights-and fun.
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Faith-based tourism surges
By David Cogswell, Travel Weekly
From Rome to Mecca, Portugal to Jerusalem, religious destinations call to pilgrims and spiritual seekers.
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More Agencies are serving the Flock: Religious Travelers
By Jane Engle, LA Times
Religious, or faith-based, travel is going big time. Although most trips are still organized adhoc by churches
and other religious groups, large tour operators and agencies are entering this niche market.
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On a wing and a prayer
By Laura Bly, USA TODAY
According to the U.S. Office of Travel & Tourism Industries, overseas religious and pilgrimage travel attracts
more than 600,000 American participants a year. Premier Tourism Marketing says that of some 450,000
churches in the USA, about 50,000 now have some kind of travel program. That's up an estimated 20% in the
past five years.
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Rest, Relaxation and Religion
CBS News, Early Show
"What most people are, especially now, experiencing and wanting is a balance between traditional
sightseeing and faith based travel," Kevin Wright, religious tour director of Globus Tours told Turner. "So when
they go to Italy, although they want to see the Vatican, they want to experience some nice Italian meals."
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